Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Competency #8: Archive Process Research Visual

This research visual shows the process in which data is sent to the archives and later intended to be used for the end user. When files are first received in the hard drive by the Architecture Curators. The Technical Operators copy the files and send them to be examined by Digital Preservation Specialist. These files are also tagged and created into metadata to be archived. The Digital Preservation Specialist takes in all the metadata to archive and sends it to the Technical Operators to prepare the information for user interface. At the end of this process the information is available for the end user to examine.

I chose this flow chart, because I thought it was interesting and easy to understand. Archival Science is represented in a specific way with this research visual. You can examine this chart and understand how a research library handles materials to be archived.

This particular image can be found here.
The main page this image was extracted from is here.
This information was derived from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries. This image was last updated August 19, 2009.

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