Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Competency #6: Browsing Search Technique in ERIC Database

Searching for: Special Archives in Special/Research Libraries.

This final search technique requires the user to randomly browse through a database to find information. In ERIC database the user can choose to "Visual Search" through information. By first entering "Archives" I am able to view at different index terms. This search is a lot like Citation Pearl Growing. ERIC database provides one of the neatest features I have ever seen for browsing:

From left to right, I was able to narrow each search further and further to find exactly what I was looking for. Also, it shows other options that you may not have thought of. Here is a specific entry:

This search most likely would normally take a lot of time to perform. Unexpectedly, this search was the most easy and efficient that I was able to encounter. Perhaps, ERIC contributed as well. This "Visual Search" was beneficial to have learned and it definitely would help users. Especially beginner users.

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