Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Competency #6: Specific Facet First Searching Technique in WorldCat Database

Searching for: Special Archives in Special/Research Libraries.

To start this Specific Facet First search, I chose "Special Archives" as the facet. By doing this, I'm hoping to find some information about how other special and research libraries archive their materials. This search could also help by locating information and examples about specific special archives.
Using WorldCat database I received over 37,000. [Too much!]
SS1= kw (Special Archives).

I decided to make the search even more specific from "Special Archives" to "Special Library Archives". This search brought over 11,000 results.
SS2 = kw (Special Library Archives).

The results related more to Special Libraries than to their Archives. Therefore, this specific facet first search has brought back broad results. I needed to make a more specific search. The previous two searches used a keyword search. This third search will be "Special Archives" under the subject search in WorldCat.
SS3 = su (Special Archives).

This search brought 1,348 results that were helpful. They were more specific and less broad. This one in particular was a great resource.

This database encompasses a lot of information and files. The Specific Facet First search technique was a little difficult with WorldCat. Since, so much information is in this database, the user needs to use various specific words in order to obtain a good result.

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