Monday, July 19, 2010

Competency #7: Image of Vatican Secret Archives

This image is one of the corridors in the storeroom of the new premises at the Vatican Library. It holds the Vatican Secret Archives. In addition, on location are several study rooms, reading rooms, an index room, an internal library, and most notably, several laboratories dedicated to the preservation of the secret archives. One laboratory is used for preservation, restoration and bookbinding that attributes to the holdings. Other laboratories are used for the restoration and study of seals while another acts to reproduce photography and digital reproduction. I located this image when I was looking for information about different types of special libraries. I looked at several very large and important libraries and this was one of them. I was browsing on Google for examples.

Much controversy has been had over Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and the portrayal of the Vatican Secret Archives. In the book (and movie), these particular archives are mentioned and sought after.

Not to go unmentioned, the Vatican Secret Archives are known to be greatly indexed, preserved, and protected. I chose this image because it shows the nature of the materials and how they are kept to be preserved. The Vatican Secret Archives is known to reach over 50 miles in shelving and holds documents that date back the the eighth century.

This image was found as the Vatican Secret Archives website and can be found here.
The homepage for the Vatican Secret Archives is here.
To view this archive room virtually you can do so here.

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