Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Competency #6: Citation Pearl Growing Search Technique in Library Literature Database

Searching for: Special Archives in Special/Research Libraries.

Using the Citation Pearl Growing search technique, I started with a known item in the Library Literature database. This search will be in the realm of Special Archives or Archival Science.
SS1 = Smart Search (Special Archives) = 208 results

Using the Citation Pearl Growing technique I decided to click on the side links : "New Search By Subject" > "Photographic Archives". By doing this, I have a specific range to choose from. This is one of the results:

From this specific entry the user can click "Photographic Archives" and Library Literature brings all the other like items for users to view. Here is another related entry:

And thirdly, we are able to find another related entry through the index links.

This technique was able to bring a specific search to a subject index. From that point, the helpful results were linked and connected to each other. This was beneficial for the user because it gives a small (but helpful) selection of information that is greatly related to each other. This takes a lot of time away from the searcher.

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