Monday, June 14, 2010

Competency #2: Related Blog: Hagley Archives

Hagley Library and Archives blog displays the information and exhibits at the Hagley Museum in Delaware. The library shows different pieces from their special archives on their blogspot. One post describes an exhibit entitled "Beer and Brewing History at Hagley"; it showcases historical materials that were once held at breweries in Delaware and Pennsylvania. From the blog:

"Americans continued to prefer English-style ales until the 1840s when German immigrants introduced lager beer. Fermented using a different type of yeast, lager beer is light and effervescent, a marked contrast to heavy, malty ales. Lager beer was swiftly embraced by American beer drinkers, and by 1875, there were nearly 3,000 American breweries producing over 8.7 million barrels of beer annually. Philadelphia had been a major brewing center since before the Revolutionary War, and the number of breweries in the city continued to increase; in 1890, Philadelphia was home to 91 breweries, many of which were located in the Brewerytown section of the city."

"The Joseph Stoeckle Brewing Company operated Wilmington, Delaware's Diamond State Brewery from 1872 to 1955. The brewery, which was once the city's largest, was demolished in 1962 to make way for Interstate 95 through Wilmington."

Hagley Library and Archive blog is beneficial for library science students that are seeking information about archival science. This blog provides the latest findings and exhibits that is both interesting and educational.

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This Hagley Library and Archive blog can be found here.

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